Windy Arbor Playing Fields and Mellors Pond

Working with Whiston Juniors Football Club, the Council will facilitate investment in a new sports pavilion, changing facilities and upgraded drainage for the pitches and other investments that will enhance the function of the site for football.

Complementing Big Water, Mellors Pond is a well-used additional angling lake within the Halsnead Park area lying adjacent to the playing fields. The pond provides further recreational and wildlife value to an already rich landscape.

It is intended for the pond to be redeveloped in a similar way to Big Water with clearance of weeds, re-shaping and a better-defined edge using recycled plastic piling. There will be new footpath access and five new fishing pegs, interspersed with some marginal planting.

These improvements will support the positive management of the pond for the long-term by local anglers, whilst providing a renewed scope for the wider public to engage with the pond as a further point of interest in the local landscape and focus on wildlife and biodiversity.

These improvements will take place from 2022 to 2025 in line with the housing development programme for Halsnead Garden Village and will include external grant applications.

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