Big Water Lake

Big Water will be a focal point for this new green space becoming a major attraction for angling and for those wanting to engage with the local natural environment.

Developed in conjunction with the local angling club, the proposals for Big Water Lake aim to improve the lake for the anglers, whilst also creating new pathways and cycle routes around the area for wider public use and recreation.

To improve the lake access for angling, prevent erosion and raise the level of the water; recycled plastic piling will be installed around the lake edge together with approximately 30 new fishing pegs. Path access to and around the lake will also be enhanced and new seating areas will be established.

The island will be retained, and the southern end built up using vegetated sandbags to provide habitat improvements for birds and other wildlife.

This phase of work will be delivered 2022/23 and funding has been secured through developer contributions.

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