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Plans look great. Improvements to Windy Arbor playing fields for kids footy needs to happen ASAP!

Bryan (Age 58)

Is there a member of staff who knows anything about natural biodiversity and ancient woodland on your planning team? These plans show a lack of understanding of the current natural woodland, the topography and elevation of the various areas of the site. These proposals indicate that land will be bulldozed to make flat access for footpaths and visitors. A large number of very old and well established trees will need to be felled to make your vision of a "green space". If a member of your team has actually visited the site they will see the "Big Water" lake sits in a dip in the landscape.. it is not surrounded by flat areas of land and it exists in a flood plane which feeds into the Big Water lake, the Long Lake and the water stream that flows trough the Old Wood. This area is already "an attractive open space" which unfortunately will be engulfed in a very large housing development the size of the existing Whiston area. This development and rows and rows of new housing are missing from your fly-through vision so it does not reflect the actual attractive open space you are using as a selling point?


why do you not show the housing development sites? Can we have details of the infrastructure and how it will cope with the extra strain on resources. Traffic management, doctors, shops and schools etc.

CONSULTATION TEAM RESPONSE: To clarify, this is a consultation on the green space. The housing development areas are being brought forward by developers and therefore modelling, layouts and how those developers propose to mitigate the impact of the developments on infrastructure, highways and schools etc would be addressed in their planning applications, which are also likely to be the subject of consultation led by the respective developers.

albert pratt

How is this green space to be maintained and how is it to be paid for? Will there be policing of area? It could become a hotbed for gangs to hang out. No mention here of housing, what sort, how affordable. Any public transport links? Transport to this area is already poor. Apart from football field no other opportunities for communities to meet up of all ages.


Great that more green space has been put into the plans however, all the green spaces need to be linked up to ensure that wildlife isn't stuck on its own island or killed on the roads trying to move between spaces. Including the woodland island in the middle of Tarbock Island surrounded by the motorways.


Are you all insane is the proposed road into the car park cutting through the Halsnead park homes for retired people which is on private land and would be put us all at risk

Ms butler (Age 62)

I’m chairman of this great club whiston juniors I’ve played her from 13 and still here now at 36. These facilities and improvements are much needed to the area and would benefit the club and children massively. We support the plans and proposals and look forward to the progress being made. Hopefully our wounderful club can grow and the investment will only improve the club and encourage more young children to take part in our area with our sport, in years to come.

Chris hunt (Age 36)

Great news on the local woodland areas and improvements to the area, as a local resident I’m looking forward to the fresh new walks and my son being able to play football on better quality pitches close to home. Very much needed improvements backing it all the way well done all involved

Ben hunt (Age 31)

Glad that the football pitch will be done for Whiston Juniors and Knowsley council are true to their word 🙂 hope this is done ASAP with 106 moneys don't keep the children waiting . (this comment has been moderated prior to publication)

Dave (Age 59)

Thanks the football pitches should be first to be made for the children. They are our future get a new changing and clubhouse built 1st

Len (Age 84)

All looks very good and just what the football club requires but get it built first as it is vital for our community and the children.

Margaret (Age 80)

Never mind in the woods and green area , what about lickers lane the cars are been hit now . Wing mirrors being torn of with the extra traffic now , imagine all the extra car that will be travelling up and down the lane . So let’s get drives put in place to stop our cars being damaged!!

Joey (Age 61)

Love it

Gary (Age 29)

The inclusion of bridleways in the park is a welcome asset. The number of horses local to the area will no doubt mean that they will be of great benefit and ensure safe riding for generations to come.

Ashley (Age 41)

Please can we have more briddle paths for horse/pony hacking. We live in water Lane.

Ruth (Age 41)

I would like to see increased safe bridleways that link up and multi use access, horse friendly access across the project - horse gates, horse rider gate handles, car parking for lorries and trailers.


I hope that the routes throughout the park areas will include horse riding access.
As a child we used to ride around the old colliery site, through the woods where the big house used to be . We also rode across the old bridge to access fields beyond and up Windy Arbour .
In recent years we have had access to ride around the colliery site on organised rides.
So beautiful riding through woodland on a horse. The wildlife you see is beautiful. A lot of which personally I wouldnt see otherwise unless on horseback with me having mobility issues.
There are local riding for the disabled centres who could also benefit from such beautiful woodlands. Again giving riders with additional needs experiences they would otherwise not receive unless riding a horse/pony .
I hope access for horse riders throughout the development will be brought to fruition and give the many horse riders in the area a safer place to ride. As they have done for over 30 years.

Sharon (Age 52)

I do not think this housing estate should be built so close to a motorway, the emissions from the traffic will cause Problems for any one who has asthma.
I don’t understand how it will be call a green village.

Judith (Age 83)